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With the presence at one of the topmost locations in Kolkata Metropolitan area as well as the variety and quality of collection, RMCA Basak has become one of the trusted saree shops in Kolkata. The people of the locality as well as various other parts of Kolkata and Bengal feel proud to have our collection into their closet. Our collection includes wide range of Bengali cotton saris, varieties of silk saris and salwar suits. Benarasi saris of all reputed types are also available with us.

Let us come with brief descriptions about the various types of saris sold at our shop:

Bengali Handloom Saris: These types of saris are popularly known as Tant saris. It is one of the top worn varieties available in the best saree stores in Kolkata. The light and airy texture has made these saris especially suited for the warm and humid summers of Bengal. These saris are recognized with the typical thick border and decorative pallu. Besides, these are woven with a variety of floral, paisley motifs.

Cotton Saris:  India is one of the prime cotton producing countries in the world. The dying and weaving of cotton is traditionally practiced over a vast region in the country. Saris made from cotton are most comfortable due to the lightweight. These are best suited for Indian tropical climate. The variety in collection has made us one of the leading cotton saree stores in Kolkata. These saris are favorite wear inmatrimony too.

Khesh: It is a particular type of cotton saris whose material is grown in Birbhum district of West Bengal. The process of weaving is very simple. Due to the excellent get-up, these saris are highly popular. The twist is either made with cotton or a combination of silk and cotton.

Linen: These saris are automatic choice for occasions held during summer and monsoon. These saris are made of linen fabric, made of flax fiber or yarn. Being natural, these saris are extremely comfortable in temperate climates.

Jamdani: Jamdani is one of the most favored fabrics in Bengal. It was originated in Dhaka of Bangladesh. Now these are produced in West Bengal too.  The saris are known for the sheer quality and are expected to be available at famous saree shops in Kolkata like us.  Both cotton and silk varieties are offered here.

Baluchari: These saris are woven in Murshidabad district of West Bengal. The best form of silk saris that has its origination in Bengal, richly dyed silk is used in weaving the saris. These apparels are characterized with the intricate motifs from Indian mythology.

Bhagalpuri: The silk yarn based at Bhagalpur is also known as Tussar. These saris are generated from a special form of silk mainly grown at Bhagalpur, Bihar.

Tussar: Tussar is a special form of silk known for its inimitable delicacy. The saris made from the yarns are known for the finest range of threads. Best weaving technique is required for creation and it takes around two weeks to manufacture a single piece.

Chanderi: These saris are known for the inherent transparency and sheer texture. Best quality and extra fine yarns are used in weaving the fabric for chanderi saris.

Ghicha: Ghicha is a particular silken yarn that is familiar for their durability and light weight. The fabrics offer glossy look to the saris due to the smooth texture.

Kanchivaram or Kanchipuram:  Kanchipuram or Kanchivaram silk is traditionally woven in the Kanchipuram town of Tamilnadu, India. Like any other form of South Indian saris, this one has also marked its presence in South Indian culture. This sari is popular attire in wedding or parties.

Benarasi Collection: We have enough collection of wedding wear. The variety of range has made us one of the best benarasi saree shops in Kolkata. All the four fabric varieties, viz., Katan, Organza, Georgette and Shattir are amply present here. The presence of all the popular varieties has made us confident about catering the entire requirement of saris in any Bengali Matrimonial observation.