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21 Dec 2018 RMCA Basak

These saris are made of linen fabric. This is made of flax fiber or yarn. Linen is parti...Read More


21 Dec 2018 RMCA Basak

Women from different age groups fall in love for the saris from Bhagalpur. It may be due...Read More


18 Nov 2018 RMCA Basak

Saris made from silken yarns are sure to lend the wearer a look that is simply classy an...Read More


17 Nov 2018 RMCA Basak

Kolkata is a city that welcomes the visitors from outside with a romance of its own. Lar...Read More


16 Nov 2018 RMCA Basak

These saris are manufactured at Kanchipuram. It is a small temple town of Tamilnadu. It ...Read More


15 Nov 2018 RMCA Basak

The particular type of cotton is known for its glamorous appearance when used in saris. ...Read More